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Are you working on a book? Or have you completed a manuscript or collections of poems or stories? Aelin Publishers is here to take your story to readers across the world with their proven marketing strategies. 

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Aelin Publishers works with young & inspiring authors and helps them realize their dreams. Our services are reliable and cost-effective.

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We are an experienced and affordable India-based self-publishing company, with a huge network across the nation. We are one of the top fiction, non-fiction, poetry book publishers spanning major countries. Through international platforms like Goodreads, Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Kobo, and Ingram we help our authors to get worldwide recognition. With over many titles of different languages and genres published in the recent past, AELIN PUBLISHERS stands as one of the fastest-growing self-publishing platforms. We publish books of every language.

Though we specialize in publishing hardbound books, ebooks, paperbacks, coffee table books, we also have specifically dedicated teams for other fiction novels, non-fiction novels, self-help books, children’s books, poetry books, academic, and textbooks. We have highly qualified designers who help create handbooks for businesses and educators too. Aelin Publishers is a one-stop-shop for all the publication requirements. Our experienced and extremely professional team members help you get a good handle on expectations, timelines, and budget, besides taking care of all your publication needs like book editing, book cover design, compilation, book beautification, ISBN, and marketing assistance to make sure you achieve the success you deserve.

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Discuss your book with your dedicated publishing consultant and get all your queries resolved. 


Sign the contract papers and forge an authentic and loyal relationship with us.


Submit your manuscript and we promise that we will create your book in line with your vision in the best way possible. 


For the right marketing to anticipate your sales, we assure you a smooth sale!   

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We are very author-centric in our dealings and are determined to do our best to help the writers tell their stories to the world. We understand that your manuscript is your most prized possession, and that how important it is for you to see it get published and out in the market. Here’s a quick list that entails this determination and understanding that makes us stand out in the crowd.

With a wide reach over many countries, and many locations through the world's best platforms, our huge network channel gets you the opportunities you always wanted for your book. 

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It's your book, and it is imperative that you own the rights to your content to enjoy unabridged control over it. With Aelin's author-publisher contract, we make sure this happens.


Beyond the shadow of a doubt, editing is the most CRUCIAL part of publishing. We, at Aelin, have highly professional editors for your book to make


This is the most essential right, which is completely under your name, that ensures no possible imitation. You won't need to share income or credit with anyone if your story gets selected for something as big as motion picture.


In this competitive world of bookselling, it is necessary to have a great design for your script to avoid being passed over. Our qualified professional designers understand your script and deliver the perfect design.


An unreasonably high-priced book cannot succeed in the market. We understand the importance of competitive pricing and give you the freedom of naming your own price.


Low-grade pages and poor print quality can be the biggest spoil. A unique and bright book is more likely to be picked. We, at Aelin, use the best printing machines to get you perfect results.


Writing and getting published is just half the battle won. The right and effective promotion certainly decides the fate of the other half, and thus, the overall victory. From media coverage to street light vendors, we arrange every platform for the book's viewership.


It is of sheer significance that the writer is aware of each step taken to climb the book up the ladder of publishing, to monitor and control the final result as desired. We abide by our commitments and do all that we promise to keep you well acquainted of the progress.


We know what it takes to write a book and what the author deserves. Aelin is proud to be able to offer our authors one hundred percent of the profit from all sales proceeds.

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What makes Aelin Publishers stand out from other Publishing Houses is the fact that we do not leave our authors' sides even after the Publishing Process is complete. We go to as many lengths as possible to put our authors on every capable pedestal where the spotlight shines bright on their stories.

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In Love: The legend of bagor

B.J Starink


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Author, In Love

" To be starting my review with I have to say I’ve started a bit skeptical with these guys, and well got warned a lot by other authors and my close friends that they were frauds or well just some money-hungry group of people…
But I’ve trusted my gut in trusting them and let me say that it was the best decision that I have ever made in my life!

This publishing house got all the time in the world for answering all of your questions no matter how dumb or ignorant they are! They really answer as fast as they possibly can for all of their great author's questions... And on top of it all their open for jokes and just some random stuff that’s not even
about your book or business crap...
If your anything like me and doesn’t really get a lot of faith in your writing or your books in general they might be the best solution for you! My writing is too hard for normal publishers but Aelin Publishers is everything but normal!
My books got rejected a lot by normal publishers for they contain bloody and gory stuff curse words and other stuff that normal publishers won’t dare to get their hands dirty on, so they reject my book and wash their hands in innocence…

But Aelin Publishers do it differently! They give everyone the chance of a lifetime for they publish everyone! It doesn’t matter to them if the book is
bloody gory or vulgar, of course, they’ve got rules too, and if anything needs changing in your manuscript, they contact you about that matter…
And not only have they published me: A failed self-published writer of the unknown gory stuff but they have offered me a long-term contract for being an Aelin Publishers exclusive author which got a lot of perks that come with it…
They don’t bust your balls if you cannot write at some point, like most publishing houses, do but they support you in all ways possible!
Like I have a work in progress for Aelin Publishers only and they are really interested in the preview of the book every now and then, and if anything needs changing in your work of progress, they contact you about it! For me, that’s great for I’m busy working 5 days a week in a tough road construction job, and well I’ve really haven’t got time on my hands to change a piece of the book when it’s finished in its entirely! So, for me, Aelin Publishers is the best fit in a publishing house...

For not only the support my writing what’s too hard for a normal publisher! But they believe in me and all their authors they have signed, in the progress, they have made me a bestselling author in the free period of the book, and well that’s a huge accomplishment for me because while self-publishing I didn’t get further than rank 100 in horror and well because of them and them only I’ve scored rank 2 in horror, and top rank in the adventure!
Well, they are cheap don’t forget that perk, for a normal publisher charge you a few ribs, and you got your traditional publishing houses they won’t pay you more than 15% maybe 20% royalties while Aelin Publishers give you a total of 100% royalties and you only need to pay for the editing what I think is pretty darn good, the proofreading and well the formatting of an e-book…
They are working on an audiobook of my book and some other great stuff regarding my books….
Well, bottom line is that this publishing house is the best fit for unknown or already known great authors... They give everyone a change they are cheap, and they have the power to make a failed writer a bestseller... Keep in mind that they are still upcoming so in the future, they will be even better than they are now!
It’s the best fit for a publishing house for me for they don’t only support every step but they also understand when taking a step back writing-wise!

They really are great people who you won’t meet every day!

And they believe in everyone and every book! They got all the time for their authors and well Aelin Publishers are the most humane publishing house that I have ever encountered…
And trusting my gut in trusting them is the best-goddammed decision I have ever made in my life!

Aelin Publishers scores a solid 20 out of 10 in my book! And be sure to give them a chance in your publishing or writing adventure. "

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