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In Love: The legend of bagor

B.J Starink

In Love is a book written In Love But Performed In Hate. Since there is a thin line between Love and Hate, I have both expressed them in this book. A book that contains vampires, werewolves, a doll, reapers and more. One that will lure you from one surprise into the other. And will leave you with a good feeling. A grown up gory fairy tale. Sarte is a Gypsy of the Sariëlla camp he's never good enough for his family and decides to get away from them and to make his family proud. But he finds himself in a wicked game of survival. Be careful this book is for the mature reader for it contains gore blood and pus.

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B.J Starink

"Stormie!" is a book about a cat but not just any cat my cat I rated it 18+ but even if you are 60 you are still too young for this book It is a cold-blooded book about a cat that can see and communicate between the veil of the living and the dead! It will make you cry! It will make you pout and it will scare you! Had you ever felt like watching a horror movie that you weren't alone anymore? This book has that effect! This book is a lot but most of all bloody and mean! This is not a book for the faint of heart. Have you ever really faced hell? If you've really lived in hell, this book is for you! a cold-blooded book full of blood, fear, and impotence. This book is not a gooey love story about a cat! This is one like very few! One like you have never read before! Keep in mind that you are going to be scared and that you may close this book and never pick it up again, which may be the better thing to do! Stormie is an 18+ book about a cat who can see and communicate between the veil of life and death. Beware this book contains a lot of blood and difficult situations! I put him on 18+ but I think that is still too young What if hell really exists? And what if at any moment you could be put into suffering again and again in a hopeless dark place where death lurks everywhere? Can you pack yourself up or do the same thing as Roy? Who no longer knows it all and tries everything to get out of it to be withdrawn again and start suffering again. Luckily he has Stormie by his side but how long does it take for her to turn her back on him as everyone else does? In the process of writing Stormie hasn't been hurt, although it remains a quirky beast #Stormie! Get hyped and spread the word!


Thoughts, Rants, Poems, some Satire and Crazy Words from my Head #2

Brian Hill

This book is the second in what I hope to be a great set of words complied within my crazy mind.
Some are rhymes, some are free verse, and some are pure rants and rambles.
This second book contains some satire that you or may not appreciate. Doesn't matter to me except that I want it to spark thoughts that you normally wouldn't have.
To be able to write one poem a day you'd have to have subject matter.
I get my inspiration in many different ways.
Sometimes, someone says something that catches my attention, or a quote in a movie might spark some thoughts. Whatever it is, I dream it will last a while.
I hope you enjoy my words and find humor, inspiration, or maybe a little bit of sadness sometimes. I will also try to help you find the strength to live each day with love, kindness, and appreciation for being you...

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More Than Just a Hairdresser

Donna Piromalli

Donna Piromalli has empowered individuals to achieve new heights in wealth, success and happiness through her books, coaching programs and speaking events. After more than 30 years in the beauty industry, Donna is now a registered and accredited counsellor and mediator working in her own private practice working with individuals, couples, families and businesses. Her unique journey allows her the perspective to help you address challenges and issues effectively while experiencing more overall joy in your life. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working in a salon for a week or for your entire life, you can improve your business while achieving that life balance we all seek.


• Clarify what success means to you
• Evaluate every area of your life and set real goals you can achieve
• Explore your own personality and external relationships
• Understand how to navigate difficult situations
• Develop the skills necessary to communicate more effectively
• Overcome past failures and release negative self-talk
• Inspire a new passion for your career

Using the techniques in this book, you can immediately be more effective
in every area of your life. Now is the time to implement changes that can improve your life today
while setting new, higher goals for tomorrow.

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Make Teenage Best Phase of Your Life

Paras Jain

Teenage years are considered the most difficult phase of life because of hormonal changes in the body. At the same time, the prefrontal cortex (part of the brain) which is responsible for very important functions like planning complex cognitive behavior, personality expression, and decision making develops the most. By being little aware and by following good habits can make teenage the best phase of your life. This book will help you to grow in your teenage years and get maximum benefits from these years.

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Aai My Cutiepie

Megha Lunkad

I hope this book receives safely at your door. Hello Readers, I am Megha Lunkad, Author of Aai My Cutiepie. By the title, I hope you will smile. I am the girl who believes in spreading love and miracle, who gives her best to solve the trouble, who believes in spreading sparkle. The girl who is linked with overthinking. I know many of us will not take a load when it comes to reading a book. But this is the road that will take you ahead and give you a new look. I am glad you choose to read this book. I hope you realize the blessing you overlook. This book connects us, and you can trust this book to give you a surplus. People have a body full of blood. My pen has ink full of words. Happy Reading. Keep loving.

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Book of Mysteries




The Alpha's Alyne

Mekhla Paul

He was the Alpha's son and the soon-to-be Alpha, he was Asher. The perfect definition of a leader, workaholic, and a good son but he also had a flaw and that was his anger. He had some major anger issues, so if you wished to live longer, you better be on his good books, because no one wants to anger the big bad wolf and die. And then comes Alyne, the Beta's fighter daughter. Alyne was a pro in kickboxing but also a closed-off person, who liked to stay in her bubble. But Alyne was much more than she appeared to be. And this is the journey of these two opposite characters, who are bound together by destiny. Now the question is do they not have anything in common, or do they have something in common?

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The Return of Nibiru: The Declassified Viral Conspiracy

Melissa Stuart

December 2019. Karen Forsyth, a virologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, is abruptly interrupted by a mysterious and alarming phone call while attending an interesting lecture by David Icke. Arriving at the hospital, the colleague shows her a rather disturbing scene: in one of the hospital rooms, a girl lies dead with her face covered in blood. The results of the tests on the patient give an unexpected result: SARS CORONAVIRUS Karen does not at all believe that the SARS virus is responsible for the young woman's death!


Submerged in Love

Renuka Gangan

This poetry book, is a second in the series, the first one being ‘Love Mince Pie And Some Magic’. Peep into the world of love, it’s efficacy to affect your life in different dimensions, the search, pain, joy and struggle, a sense of belongingness, surrender and ecstasy. The essence of love a woman feels for her man, is expressed in a little more depth. It also has a dash of quirky, intellectually imagined use of notions. Some of the poems, will make you feel grateful for the small gestures of love showered over you by your beloved or the small moments which make a relationship special. Feel the sun, go to the moon, get dreamy while imagining the horizon, and get lost in the beauty of love. After reading the book, maybe you might find your association with the feeling of love, and you might want to express or experience love for your beloved in more vivid ways.


Notions and Emotions

Pihu Khandelwal

Let me live in this moment Forgetting the sins of my past Let me make the best of it As if the day is my last ........... NOTIONS AND EMOTIONS is a collection of poems that try to bring out the sentiments of different people from the society having divergent interpretations on their life and situation.This book decodes the mechanism of thinking along with delineating the tricks of the mind. It accentuates the themes of motherhood, relationship, love , randomness and mindfulness in today's scenario. A series of poems on the COVID19 pandemic have also been included to potray the emotions of various set of people in the society. PIHU KHANDELWAL has been very passionate about writing and expressing herself through words. She now puts down her thoughts on these pages for you to read !


A Journey with my Silhoutte

Angelin Diana

'A JOURNEY WITH MY SILHOUETTE' portrays, “Some facts... And the dreams that creeps through its layers! Many dreams... And the realities that are entwined in its depths! "
Do you love dreams?! Then this story is for you! At the same time, we can't ignore reality!
Our hero Aadhitya and heroine Aaradhya will try to differentiate dream and reality!
"Who are these Aadhitya and Aaradhya?! When those reality and dreams are planning their meet-up?!
Will she understand the reality or will he submerge in the fantasy world?!"
To embrace all the answers, let us enter into their world!
A big thanks and loads of love to my friends and family who have inspired me so far!!

vinay cover.jpg

मुसाफ़िर – सपनों का सफ़र

Vinay Namdeo

This is the story of Shiva, a "traveler" from a middle-class family, who, carrying hopes and dreams on his shoulders, travels through the unpaved roads of his village to become the Mukherjee Nagar Collector of Delhi. He also gets friends like Manohar, Payal, and Rahul but does not get success even after many ups and downs. In this journey of 7 years, he also falls in love but that too incomplete. In this incomplete story, how does Shiva complete his journey, and who was the person who taught him that choice weakens the resolve. You will know all this only after reading the story. I hope you will get to learn a lot from the life of Shiva.

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कुछ ऐसी है सूरज की कहानी 

Suraj Dandotiya

This is not my story. There is a small story in this book, which is fictional but the events contained in it are true, that is, it has been expressed in such incidents which have happened in the life of every human being at present, such as birthdays of many, domestic quarrels. Due to lack of money, one is not able to complete education due to lack of money, cannot go to study in a good university, starts walking on the wrong path. Some of these reasons have been made the basis. In this book, I have based myself and put all the ideas together in the sequence of a story. I hope everyone will like this book.

melissa cover.jpg

Il Ritorno Di Nibiru: La Cospirazione Virale Declassificata (Italian Edition)

Melissa Stuart

December 2019. Karen Forsyth, virologist from Wuhan Central Hospital, he comes abruptly interrupted by a phone call mysterious and alarming while she is intent on participate in an interesting conference of David Icke. Arriving at the hospital, the colleague shows a rather disturbing scene: in one of the hospital rooms, a girl lies dead with her face covered in blood. The outcome tests on the patient give a result unexpected: SARS CORONAVIRUS Karen does not believe at all that the SARS virus is responsible for the death of the young woman.

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